How to Win Competitions

What is Comping?

Comping is a colloquial term for systematically entering competitions regularly to try and win prizes. This can be done professionally as a person’s key source of income, or more casually as a hobby. In the UK there are up 30k competitions running at any one time, making the amount you can apply for in any one day infinite! We’ve collated a list of the top 10 tips on how to win competitions for any beginners or just anyone that really wants to win a certain prize…

Top 10 Tips on How to Win Competitions

  • Look at the odds
      • Try to focus the majority of your energy on competitions with low odds and those that get fewer entries due to them being less visible. Competitions that require more effort or special knowledge to enter, are much more likely to have better odds. This increases your chance of winning and gives you different comping avenues to pursue. You can view all the odds for our competitions on their entry page.
  • Create a separate email account
      • The key to becoming a professional ‘comper’ is organisation! Many of the pros enter over 100 competitions a day and some promoters will withdraw a prize offered if no replied to in a timely manner! Keep all of your competition and marketing emails in their own account so you can keep track of what you have entered and make sure to see if you win! Signing up too many competitions and websites has a tendency to cause a cluttered inbox.
  • Spend your time wisely
      • Some competitions require a lot of effort, such as creating a video on why you think you should win a competition. Therefore, only try win prizes you really want! Or that you could sell on for a good profit. Plan ahead and decide how much your time is worth.
  • Enter at the last minute
      • For some competitions that need you to create something you might want to consider only entering at the last minute to avoid your competitors seeing your entry and one-upping you!
  • Show your passion
      • If a competition is asking for you to show why you deserve to win something, then make sure to show your passion and how much you really want to win.
  • Template your contact details and save on your browser
      • A real time-saver! Being able to auto-fill or paste all your details will leave you with more time to enter competitions!
  • Social media competitions
      • The traditional routes of magazines and websites are still excellent for finding competitions. However, in recent years, the amount of competitions on Facebook and other platforms have blown up massively. Rules may want you to follow certain pages or even get other social media users to support your entry in the form of a vote! Follow us on Facebook
  • Keep an eye on forums like
      • There’s a huge comping community out there! Take advantage of public forums listing competitions to find new ones to enter and pick up tips from the professionals.
  • Be aware of spam and fake competitions
      • You will tend to find that you get a lot of spam emails when you start comping and there are many fake competitions so watch out! Make sure to install anti-virus software and not to give out your contact or financial details to any untrustworthy websites or social media pages.
  • Read the small print
    • All competitions will have rules and you can’t win if you don’t stick to them. Read all small print carefully. This will also help you assess if a free prize is legitimate or not.

Our main tip you’ve got to be in it to win it! So, get going! Have a look at our free competitions and be in with a chance of winning big with our paid competitions!

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